Tea – not just a bag of water

. Most of the time, we put fruit tea from the supermarket in a cup of hot water and drink it with a pleasant aroma. But tea is not only available in these sachets. There are many varieties and blends of tea to choose from, and if you look a little, you will find something you will like. Need something to cheer you up, or have a chill and don\’t know what to use? Tea may be the answer. Let\’s take a look at some of the varieties you should know about!
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Green tea
Perfect for those who don\’t know what morning or coffee tastes like.
It contains no caffeine and only L-theanine. These teas are very flavorful and have a pleasant aroma. Yerba mate and matcha can also be included in this category. Drinking at least one cup a day can reduce the chances of cancer and heart disease.
Black tea
Black tea may remind you of the popular coffee bean beverage. In fact, black teais one of the highest caffeine-containing
teas. If you want to prevent stroke by up to 21%, nothing is easier than drinking three cups a day, or even more.
To put it plainly, it is the Echinacea purpurea. This is a plant that can make drinks with a fairly broad spectrum of action. It is especially useful on cold nights when you spend time with a handkerchief up your nose, as it helps to reduce the risk of catching a cold. It should also be kept on hand for those who suffer from aphthae or infections of the urinary and respiratory systems. [Oolong

would be a good partner for women who are losing weight, as studies have shown that women who drank only oolong consumed more calories than those who drank only water. But the benefits don\’t stop there. It also lowers blood fat levels and contains vitamin B3, which is worth noting when looking for a detox tea. It also helps prevent cavities.
Do you like to play sports? And do you drink isotonic beverages? Why not replace it with the aforementioned rooibos tea? Rooibos tea definitely helps because it prevents dehydration and is high in iron. It contains no caffeine at all, making it suitable for children and pregnant women. Green and red teas are also available.