Gentleman’s behavior when asking a woman out on a date

A proper gentleman, i.e., a polite man who is serious about a woman, will choose a public, yet peaceful, place for the first encounter. It is important to note that inviting a woman to your home for a first date may seem presumptuous and tactless. However, you do not have to choose the most expensive restaurant. A café, a wine bar, or a small but decent pub will suffice. Movie theaters are not a good choice for a first date. Because you won\’t know much about your partner from watching a movie. But how should one behave in society alongside women?

pár na rande

Forgotten Basics

The basics of etiquette on a date (not just a first date) sometimes begin to be forgotten. Women are self-sufficient creatures, but when courting, they are very pleased when they know that the man is trying to respect and value them. Note – this does not mean making decisions for the woman. Bringing flowers and greeting a woman at the door is definitely a solid foundation. Whether in a car or at a restaurant, don\’t forget to open the door. Pushing back a chair, hanging up a woman\’s coat – these are, in short, manners that will never go out of style, and it seems almost boorish to neglect them. If a woman does not know how to choose food or drink, you may offer advice and recommendations, but never choose it yourself unless you want to be thought of as pretentious and rude.

Physical Contact

When it comes to physical contact, it is important to make sure the woman wants it. Sticking your tongue down a woman\’s throat without checking to see if she is even interested may look good in the movies, but in reality it is likely to put her off. Physical touching and lewd advances are equally inappropriate. Some flirting is fine, but you need to know the boundaries.

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Some men have a habit of keeping score with women, or at least bragging about it. Either way, it does not make a good impression when women start talking about falling at your feet or jumping into bed with you. It will only paint a less than flattering picture of yourself.