We do not support Czech ecology and technological development!

This is a very surprising case, now that ecology is being discussed over and over again. Even though we try to separate waste, treatment and collection somehow stagnate. This is evidenced by Enlace, a company that has developed a machine that converts plastic into liquid through chemical recycling. More than half of all plastic waste is landfilled because it doesn\’t pay to recycle it. So far, only plastic bottles are recycled in this country.
plastové lahve
According to Enlace, a machine capable of converting plastic into liquid by pyrolysis could be installed in virtually every city and could easily handle the enormous amount of separated plastic. Unfortunately, this idea and machine are not currently in use. This has forced the company to give up its vision of helping domestic plastic disposal. The company is now determined to export this technology to other countries where there is interest in this invention and where it is easier and faster.
Delays and postponements
The machine builders have been negotiating for several years with customs as well as other authorities about the possibility of running the machines with this technology. However, this project as well as similar projects remain unused because the option of waste disposal is not supported by law.
Thanks to the novelty of converting plastics into petroleum products, they can be used to generate electricity and heat or for the production of other materials. Other products of recycling include recoverable gas and carbon. All of this can be done without further burdening the environment.
netříděný odpad
Neighboring countries are also developing similar facilities, but unlike us, they are gradually putting them into practice. In Austria, for example, the government, together with OMV, is supporting Leitner. Similarly, the UK, through its government and British Airways, is acquiring and further utilizing the results from depolymerization. In the Netherlands, similarly, the products are used to propel ships.