Meditation as part of leisure

Meditation can be called a state of mind of full consciousness, when being is fully aware of the present moment. He perceives the stimuli around him very well, so as many people believe, it is not in a hypnotic state, it is not in a trance state, etc. In one exaggeration, we can say that meditation is actually a natural way of thinking and behavior for man, from which all his existence is based. Full awareness of reality now and here is absolutely essential for the functioning of the personality, but human life has shifted somewhere in an unnatural form over the centuries, and therefore the present hectic time, tension and all forms of bustle are not the cause, but the result of our wrong thoughts and actions.
zlatá soška

Therefore, return to the natural self

Meditation is one of the ways to return to the natural state of things.1 It is not true that you have to take a lotus flower and sit for 24 hours with your hands on your knees towards heaven. These exercises are suitable for beginners, but it is not a prerequisite, it is important to focus on the essence, which is to calm the mind, bring deep inner peace and tranquility, relaxation, relaxation and the ability to draw and radiate energy. Everyone can do it, there is no need for special procedures or practices, it is enough to use your own common sense to find something that suits us, and rather, it is enough to find something that is annoying.
západ slunce nad oceánem

Killer Stress

Stress is certainly in the first place of all fatal phenomena, it is the primitive essence of all the problems of mankind, associated with wrong thinking and behavior. The more we look inside ourselves, meditation can trigger this completely, the more we understand the relationship between human society and cosmic (spiritual) laws. Those who can do this perceive everything around them as a mosaic of individual components of a single whole, in which everything is ingeniously interconnected and everything is really related to everything. Separation from the whole is an illusion, and we can only be happy if we are fully aware of this deep wisdom.