How to be the ideal man

Women often long for the perfect partner who will tell them how beautiful she is from morning to night, deliver flowers, prepare breakfast in bed, and who himself has the perfect figure, job, and education.
But the reality is usually somewhere else, and when the romance is over and the women take off their rose-colored glasses, they are unpleasantly surprised to discover that the man who was perfect for them is not so caring, empathetic, attentive, or in short, the perfect half-man! . No wonder so many couples break up or, if they are able to marry, divorce.
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What can be done to prevent or at least delay this descent into reality? It is not as difficult as it may seem, but it does take some effort. [First of all, you need to understand that although your beloved half is beautiful and really likes you, if she does not like you as you are, you should not belittle yourself or pretend to be someone else just to get her attention. Because after a while you will soon stop enjoying it and be in the same place you were before. So, if you really want to change something, think about yourself first and foremost.
First of all, think about what you want to be. If you want to be more gentlemanly, don\’t be afraid of that. Just think about how the ideal partner mentioned above should behave. Of course, all of the expected behavior is taken with some exaggeration, so adjust it to fit your needs. No one wants you to get up at 5:00 a.m. every day and prepare a huge breakfast. Just go to the store, buy some pastries, pick some flowers along the way, and make yourself a cup of coffee. You will make yourself very happy and you won\’t have to work so hard.
Similarly, if you see your girlfriend out with you, just compliment her on her appearance. She will definitely appreciate it and be glad that you noticed that she is trying to be beautiful.
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There is no need to make a big show of your undying love. These small steps, compliments, and deeds are sufficient, but they carry considerable weight, nothing too heavy. If your center of interest likes you, she will not resist it; on the contrary, she will find it very pleasing, and you will become a reflection in their eyes.
It is not so difficult to be an ideal man, you just need to show a gentle side from time to time and at the same time not forget yourself and never change completely for a woman who does not want it anyway.