adamsmoto jbw, big looks small chopper

You probably haven\’t heard much about adamsmoto. To be honest, I had never heard of them before I bought mine. After reading some reviews, many people compared it to the Yuki brand, so I knew I couldn\’t go wrong. It\’s a bike you can buy for pennies, it\’s the perfect first machine to learn on, and that massive look and beautiful sound is irresistible! [The 150cc single-cylinder with 8.5 kW of power is weak, but looks much more mature. The first thing that will catch your eye will be the four huge exhausts on either side. But they are only for show, and the little machine in front of you functions half as well as a kitten. Personally, I liked the giant parachute the best. Its functionality was top notch, and I tried it several times. Putting it back on its wheels is much harder, and it may not look like it, but with panniers, gears, and a full load, it weighs 200 kg.
Another interesting feature is the carousel shift; shifting from 5th to 1st gear is no problem. The speedometer has a diode to indicate gear, but it is not very visible in the sun.Šrouby a matice.jpg
However, despite the chopper\’s good looks and low price, the one reason I would give for not buying it would be the high vibration. The motor is securely fastened to the frame, making it a ritual to tighten the bolts every time you ride, unless you are willing to go to the trouble of unmuting it. Or glue it in place, which is the second option. I decided to get rid of the bike the moment I stepped on the front brake, but nothing happened. When I looked at the bike, the brake was happy to hang on to the cable. It just broke a bolt in the process. Other than that, it worked for two seasons without a single failure. [I would recommend the Adams for short trips to work or for fancy outfits. Unfortunately, it\’s not for longer trips, and the vibration doesn\’t make the ride twice as comfortable or ultimately safer.