Financial Literacy in the Czech Republic

Sadly, it is still in the 21st century. In the 19th century, a huge number of people live from salary to salary. People do not save and do not think about their future. But it can lead them to a big problem, which is very difficult to solve.
For example, did you know that you need to secure and save 10% of each payout? From CZK20,000 in net profit, we reach the fact that you should set aside CZK2,000 in a month and save it.
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Where to store the saved money?

It is absolutely not recommended to leave money in the drawer of the house or under the carpet. Also, the money should not be in your current account. For example, you need to store money in a place where we are interested or in some way work in your favor.
How much do you actually save and think about your financial future? Unfortunately, more than 60% of the Czech population still lives from salary to salary and is unable to cope with unexpected expenses.
In primary and secondary schools, financial education has begun in recent years, and financial literacy has gradually been introduced into education so that young people can use their money to work and grow into financially literate individuals.
Also, if we as parents live this way from paycheck to paycheck, we must recognize that our children adopt exactly this wrong way of life
From an early age, tell your child the value of money and how to treat it.
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For the record. Do you know what, for example, the minimum amount of your financial reserve should be? Each individual should save 3 times the monthly net salary. So, if you earn 20,000 CZK a month, the minimum amount of financial reserves should be 60,000 CZK.
All this information can be found in the details described on the Internet, and you can also discover courses dedicated to financial literacy. It\’s good that financial literacy is starting to be a topic and trying to change the situation for the better.