What is today’s society like?

We are not all the same, so we cannot be evaluated as a whole, nor can we lump all individuals together. Each of us is a unique and singular personality with different interests and needs that we pursue in some way. Individually, we experience emotions, etc. But together we make up a society. So what kind of atmosphere do we create?

Lidé chodící po ulici

There are, of course, bright exceptions, but here I would like to consider “majority rule. If you walk down the street and take a good look around, what do you see? Faces that show not the slightest interest in their surroundings and are either deeply immersed in the virtual world through their cell phones or are giving their full attention. Few people notice what is happening in the real world.

People can be described as moody, uncaring, and frowning at everyone they meet. They can even be cruel and not even offer first aid despite the penalties. Yes, there are such cases. There are times when we feel that indifference prevails over caring, falsehood over sincerity, cruelty over mercy.

Yes, as I said at the beginning, we are all some people. And when something happens to us, it is gone, and we cannot get it back. Why do we despise it, want more, and when someone succeeds, we try to tear that person down?
Smějící se ženy

And yet we don\’t look at what came before. How much hard work did he have to go through to get where he is today?I heard a beautiful line spoken by Anichka Fialová (as Zorka Janu) in the film “Lida Barlová” about this theme. Let me quote: “In our country, envy trumps everything, and success is not tolerated.”Although she said this during World War II, it is still true today. Unlike past generations, we have many opportunities to improve ourselves and travel the world. We should take care of ourselves, and if you become more positive and receptive, you will find that those around you will do the same. I am not saying that we should be kind until we are “abused”. Just act like you don\’t need to be ashamed of your behavior.