Fun Wars

Few sane people probably think that war is fun. On the contrary, it is usually a very serious affair in which people die. Yet, many people play at war. The choice of war games is truly vast, and choosing the right title is often not easy. If virtually killing your opponents is not sexy enough for you, and you would rather experience a realistic combat simulation, you might want to check out Air soft, a game that has hooked millions of people around the world.
malá pistolka
Of course, Air soft is not a completely realistic war simulation, but it comes close. It is not a game just for the militarism-minded; almost anyone who likes to move, can think at least a little tactically, and is a team player will enjoy it. The advantage of this game is that it can be modified in many different ways. It can be played in the classic fun way, i.e., with two teams playing against each other, or not. It is up to the agreement with other players. An additional advantage is that the game can be played at any time of the year, anywhere that is not densely populated. The classic environment is a forest with some artificial obstacles .
If you have heard a little bit about airsoft, you know that players do not shoot at each other with live ammunition or cranes, but with special bullets. Unlike paintball, it contains no dye. Fill a magazine with these and off you go. In addition to the gun, usually camouflage-patterned body armor is part of the equipment. This is not only to hide from the enemy, but also to protect against the impact of bullets. Bullets often pierce bare flesh. Of course, a full face mask is also necessary, covering the eyes as well.