No amount of fun is enough

Life must first and foremost entertain people. Certainly, one cannot live a life of constant enjoyment, and there are many obligations and worries. And people must make sure that they have something to look forward to. For without it, life would be gray, boring, and, in short, unlivable.
But how can we have fun? What can we do to distract ourselves, to feel good mentally? Of course, we humans often disagree. This is because we disagree with each other, and each of us has certain ideas about what is and what is not

barevné dítě

For example, some of us are blacksmiths. They have golden Czech hands, so sometimes they make what they are good at and find it enjoyable. In this respect they are different from those who have two left hands, so to speak. Thus, the same kind of activity would drive them insane instead of joyful.
Then there are those who go to culture. For example, exhibitions, cinemas, theaters, concerts, etc. And while these people enjoy it, others just look at their watches in despair, unable to wait for this suffering to finally end.
Some people like to play sports and are probably never without exercise, while others find that even minimal exercise is nothing but a source of suffering.

vystoupení kapely

Some people enthusiastically own, manage, and add to their collections of everything, while others are nothing but a pile of junk and a waste of time and, perhaps, money.
Some people consider television to be the pinnacle of entertainment and prefer to watch passively, while others can\’t even imagine sitting in front of a screen.
And there are many more similar differences between people\’s views on what is and what is not entertainment. But let\’s not look. Let us simply observe that each of us enjoys different things, and that each of us is best served by pursuing what we ourselves consider to be entertainment. For only by doing so can one achieve the peace of mind one desires.