Uncle Rough

In Korea, bullying in school has long been a big problem, and while teachers and parents (at least most) have authority, children bully each other a lot. It\’s not just swearing and heckling (often they suffer from children who are not thin enough – unfortunately, here they take care of the slender), but often the victims are burned with cigarettes and beaten – both in school and outside of it. In addition, mutual hostility is strengthened by the system of grades that are popular in schools – the number of specific marks is limited. So if a child is 80% correct on the test, he or she can get an A because the other student has run out of other grades. In our case, the success rate is evaluated and the number of specific marks is not limited, so it will be 2 for comparison.
Silný ochránce
Korean parents began hiring “tough uncles” for bullying. It is a service where intimidating uncles accompany children in and out of school and warn other children that bullying the accompanying child is not a good idea. There are 3 “service packages” in total. Another type of service that can be ordered through an uncle is the collection of evidence – shooting and shooting children of bullying, pulling them to the authorities, and in serious cases, to the authorities The last (and most expensive) type of service is a situation in which the uncle goes to the parents of the aggressor and properly scolds them in front of everyone. No one wants others to whisper about them and no son/daughter to point to them as someone who is bullying their classmates.
People mostly praise this service, they want to protect their children, and this is a pretty good way. The problem is that not everyone can afford something like this.
Starší bratr
Personally, I would say that the service is good and convenient, but it really points to a big problem – it\’s not the fault of the children, but rather to the children that the system works in a different way and that society is better and more skilled than others in everything. Pressure