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How Escape Games Were Born
In 2007, a computer game enthusiast invented the first escape game.
znak přátelství
Escape Games in the Czech Republic
After a few years, escape games spread to the Czech Republic. It is something new, not just a game that can be played in one\’s living room, but an interactive entertainment for adults and children alike. They can experience something unforgettable and adventurous together. These games are based on computer games in which the participants are surrounded by space and have the task to escape from it. The games are inspired by various movies and are reminiscent of specific locations, such as prisons, outer space, nuclear power plants, haunted houses, etc., and take place in the present or the distant past. You can enter a mental hospital, meet Harry Potter, or get scared in a haunted house. Of course, there are also escape points, such as secret passages and doors, where you will have to use your head by solving unusual challenges. All of this will be inspiring and you will feel that you are a part of it. When choosing a game, you can also choose the difficulty level. Some of them meet real people, or actors playing real characters. The average time required is about 1 hour. The games are designed for 3-5 people; it is necessary to consider both their experience and the difficulty of the game itself.
An extraordinary experience as a gift
If you don\’t know what to give as a gift to a lover or colleague, or if you want to have a good time with a group of adults or children, or if you want to get a little scared, save the world or escape from enemies, escape Games is a great option. Prices start at 800,000 CZK for two people, and the operator offers a variety of discounts, including student discounts, birthday discounts, and gift certificates. Escape games are available not only in Prague, but also in Brno, Olomouc, Breclav, and Pilsen, and there is a wide variety of them.