No Duck is Better than a Duck

Slugs. An eternal theme for gardeners. Is it possible to eradicate them from the garden? Difficult to say. There are many ways to try. From guaranteed advice to chemical and natural remedies. At least one way to get rid of Spanish creeper is to buy ducks. But not just any ducks. [It is the Indian runner, which is growing in popularity in our country. Their growing popularity is due to their ability to feed on the aforementioned slugs. Indian runners can find slugs under mulch as well as in tall grass. This species of duck is distinguished from other ducks by its upright, agile gait. They are sometimes called penguin ducks.
letící kachna
Is it suitable for any yard?
Runners need adequate living space. Providing shade and water for bathing is essential. Although they do not need to bathe as often as other ducks, they cannot live without water. Therefore, it is necessary to provide them with a large enough tank. Fences do not need to be very high. Ducks can fly, but this species rarely flies and flies low to the ground. Ducks will be happy if they can hide in a shelter with a dry bed. Ducks are susceptible to strong frosts, which can freeze their runners. Just because ducks eat slugs does not mean they do not need to be fed. Since slugs are not present throughout the season, runners should be fed special pellets, cooked potato scraps, or sprouted grains. If you want to keep an Indian runner as a pet, you will probably be disappointed.
vylíhnutá kachňata
These ducks are very shy and certainly do not seek human presence. If you want to get close to them, you will need to interact with them soon after they hatch. Distinguishing between ducks and teal is complicated. They are different from other duck species, which distinguish the sex by the color of their feathers. Indian runners distinguish the sexes by their calls. Females, unlike males, make a louder call.