Coming Out in the Workplace

I don\’t think personal and professional lives should be mixed, but some things need to be balanced. If you are gay or lesbian, you naturally feel the need to disclose this to those around you and go through a process called “coming out“. Telling friends and family is one way. Some may be too difficult, others indifferent. In any case, confiding in a colleague at work may involve some risks and dangers, but on the other hand there is a positive side. This is because each person reacts differently to colleagues and superiors. You never know how they will treat you.
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The issue of “outing” colleagues is one of the most discussed topics in the area of homosexuality in society. If you are thinking about going through this process and telling everyone in your workplace this truth, I sincerely hope that these positive and negative aspects will help you in your decision.
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Let\’s look at the dark side of things first. If rumors circulate in the workplace that you are not straight, and if confirmed, you could be the target of unsavory remarks from homophobes and opponents of the LGBT community. Additionally, you could be the victim of bullying, rude insults, and the whole thing could spiral out of control. Assuming this is just a co-worker, you can complain to the official and hope for a better tomorrow, but if the source of all the negative behavior against you is your boss, you have little choice.

If you have enjoyed peace and comfort because you are introverted and no one has noticed, say goodbye to your peace once everyone knows you are changing. From now on, everyone will treat you aloof, become insecure in your presence, and constantly look at you with disdain. You will be the main topic of their discussions.

There must be a friendly atmosphere in the workplace. Your personal life is a treasure trove of topics. Many men and women talk about their conquests, but not in great detail. If you don\’t know anything about your partner, why should you divulge who you slept with or what you did? Be prepared for these kinds of questions.

The bright side is that you can stop all the rumors and theories that you are gay. You will confirm this truth and stop the flow of all hypotheses. You will no longer have to lie about how many notches you were last night, what your girlfriend was like, or how you met. You will finally not be ashamed to bring your boyfriend to work, hold hands in public, or in some cases, kiss him. You can finally be your true self and breathe freely. And what\’s more? If you are single, there is hope that you will discover your soul mate, even if it is at work.

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate that I am not trying to tell anyone what they should or should not do. Everyone must decide for themselves based on the observations of their colleagues and supervisors. It is not advisable to allow color if homophobes are going to be involved.