Gardening for Relationships

– This trend, which began in England and Germany, has spread and gained popularity in Japan. Most community gardens in our country are located in Prague. People who want to grow their own crops and produce do not have to go to a cottage or the suburbs. For example, even apartment complexes can grow plants this way.
zahradnické nůžky
– The basic rules of this type of gardening are very simple. In community gardening, people living in an apartment complex help each other. They can grow whatever they want in a certain area allocated to a particular individual. It can be vegetables, fruits, or herbs. The seedlings and the harvest are taken care of not only by those individuals, but by the entire community together. [Young people, families, and the elderly are all interested in gardening here. This is not just gardening, but a way to share experiences and strengthen neighborly relationships between generations.
pěstování v zahradnictví
– Gardening is usually done under the auspices of an organization. This organization provides information on how gardening is actually done, what hours are possible, and what the rules are: …… Throughout the year, this organization holds seminars and workshops, where participants learn what they need to know about growing, composting, etc. After cultivating together, they may eat together at various picnics and other events. Cultivation takes place in boxes or in the soil, depending on the possibilities of the location.
svazky mrkve
– In the United Kingdom, where employment is more difficult, handicapped people also participate in such projects because they can manage such simple activities. For example, in other countries, lettuce is grown on the roofs of supermarkets, which is then sold in the supermarkets.
– This is a very attractive activity, especially for the elderly who have few opportunities to get involved.