Have you ever noticed the many padlocks, large and small, on bridges and near railings? That is exactly what the term love lock is. It is a padlock that two people have locked there to seal their love forever, or rather, to lock their love away. But why a bridge? Because the key to this lock has fallen into the river below, and neither of them can open the lock.
visací zámky
Unfortunately, because these keys are held up by souvenir stores near the bridge, the bridge is literally littered with small squares of various colors. Sometimes heart-shaped, sometimes just painted, couples of all ages write their initials, full names, and dates on them. At first glance, it may be a beautiful act of love, but in reality it often only defiles many places where such kitsch need not exist. [For example, the Charles Bridge in Prague and its surroundings. There, the love locks are fixed daily by very large numbers of tourists, and unfortunately do not look the least bit nice. And the city has to constantly remove such castles at its own expense. Since the city of Prague has no locks, they must be removed using pliers. However, not all pieces can be removed in this way, and some must be removed with a more powerful grinder.
In this way, tourists not only stain the railing of the bridge, but also the surrounding area. Even some of the statues, such as the statue of St. John of Nepomuk. During each such cleanup, the city authorities remove about 6 tons of metal.
zámek k srdci
However, it is not only in our state that the Lovelock is found, and you can see quite a lot of it in virtually any state. The question, however, is whether the bundle formed at that moment is more valuable, or whether other rituals that leave no consequences that are difficult to repair are more valuable.