How to “overcome” a bad spirit?

Not feeling good? Get up and move! You may become mentally irritable, lethargic, depressed, and generally dissatisfied. Of course, the psyche fluctuates regardless of age. What can we do about it? First aid is available to everyone! It is exercise!
mladý muž u okna
Activity/manual work, sports/ have the following positive effects on mental health In cases of mild to moderate depression, daily aerobic exercise shows the first positive effects after one week, and within 4-6 months the effects are already noticeable! For example, studies show that eight minutes of daily intense exercise on an exercise bike relieves symptoms of tension, anger, and depression.
Brain activation – regular activity improves memory and learning ability; even people over the age of 60 can significantly improve their mental health by walking regularly three times a week.
ukazování směru
An interesting firsthand account of how exercise can even turn suicidal thoughts around is worth reading:
This was in the 1930s. Dr. Harry Link, a New York physician, was approached by a desperate man who was contemplating suicide. Dr. Link noticed that the man was leading a too sedentary life, mostly using his head and neglecting his body. He suggested physical labor. The man refused. But that should not be an exceptional way to get in the newspaper. He ran for a day and still did not collapse, just tired. The next day, and the day after that: …… he told himself, and kept going until the exercise improved his mental health and his life took a turn for the better.