In your home market – even in CP!

, CP (or securities) are documents that carry some rights. Many of us also encounter securities when we ride a tram, for example. The ticket would probably not be marketable, but it is a good example of money getting a ticket for some other right.
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  1. CP on bearer = so-called p. au porter, which is one of the PERFECT securities (scrip). The transfer of this type of security is done by means of a simple contract at the time of delivery of the security. They are freely transferable and need not concern themselves with regulations.
  2. Per ordre = not per ordre, but ordre with a short a. A so-called rubopis (rubopis) and endorsement are required, which is a special procedure for selling such securities to someone.
  3. In the name of (p. au nom) = the last kind, so-called imperfect securities, but the most suitable for transfer. 16]

    Last kind, imperfect kind = here, transfer is not favored from a legal standpoint, on the contrary, nobody is prohibited from selling Even though it is not forbidden, the transfer is discouraged by all means. Here, many of the assurances found in a complete CP are missing, and there is still no certainty that even the performance in this paper is possible at all.19] online obchodování

    Completeness itselfA complete CP is an entirely different story. While the transfer itself requires the disposition of the document, and the law relating to the document pursues that, the law permits a number of institutions and fall-backs that would be convenient for everyone. These are the so-called “official letters.
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    It is possible to get very rich very quickly in securities transactions, but it is also possible to lose everything very quickly. While it is a good investment, we recommend that you first try other ways to increase your financial wealth and come back here after you have gained some experience.