“Can Crayfish Live Together?

First, how big a tank do you plan to use to keep your pets, i.e. crayfish? If you plan on using a 10 gallon tank for multiple crayfish, I personally don\’t think that is a good decision. One of my crawfish had a fight to the death with another crawfish when they were living in a 10 gallon tank. Yes, they got along perfectly well for a while and I thought they would eventually be okay, but in the end it came down to a nail fight and they went at it hard.

I remember walking home from work one day to find my blue crayfish had been eaten by an albino. There were little blue pieces of my crawfish all over the aquarium. It wasn\’t pretty, but that\’s nature.


Personally, if you plan to keep more than one crawfish, I would recommend a tank of at least 20 gallons with plenty of hiding places and hiding spots. Crayfish like to hide. And the ability to hide is very important, especially during molting. This is because when they molt, they become weaker and more vulnerable to attack by crayfish and other fish and animals.

It is also advisable to feed the crayfish. I am not saying that you should overfeed the crawfish. Crayfish already pollute the tank enough, so overfeeding them will only make the tank worse. So don\’t overfeed the crawfish.


Remember that crawfish are large scavengers and are very aggressive. They are also omnivorous. Crayfish are willing to eat anything they can claw. Due to the nature of crayfish, there is basically no guarantee that they will not catch and eat other crayfish in the aquarium. Still, if you are looking for crayfish tank mates, look for fish that are aggressive, swim near the top of the tank, or swim fast. These types of fish have the best chance of survival.

So can crayfish live together in the same tank? Yes, it is possible, but there are no guarantees for these crazy little guys.