Watch your mouth when you are with strangers

For example, if you are traveling with someone on a bus, you should definitely watch what your neighbor says. For example, other people traveling with you on the bus may not know you, but they may know you. They may hear things that they are not supposed to hear and pass that information on to others who do know you, for example.

There are some things you definitely do not want spread any further. If you don\’t want not only strangers to know information about you, but also your neighbors, you should at least quietly tell the person in question the confidential information so that no one can hear it. Even better, if the information is truly confidential, you should sit down together in a private room and discuss it all. But such places are few and far between and can be difficult to find. 27]

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But in a cafe or cake shop, for example, the seats are separatedBut in cafes and cake shops, for example, the seats are partitioned to maintain privacy, so there are places where you can talk about what you want to talk about without worrying that the people in the back or front will clearly hear everything you have to say.

Because someone might try to take full advantage of the information and use it in a way that would embarrass that person.

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On the other hand, remember that some things should be kept private.

People should think about what they should keep private and what they will tell someone else. They also need to avoid hearing things about themselves that may not ultimately be true. One sometimes learns so much information about oneself that is ultimately not even true that one can only wonder.