What is love?

A man who did not know what love is is a poor man. Relationships and feelings, called love, are things that cannot be explained in words, but still every ordinary person wants to experience it.

There are many types of love, but nothing is missing. Each has its own meaning, and each makes people better.

First of all, we recognize the love of our parents. We are born and depend on them. And a child who knows such true parental love is happy. Unlike what his parents do not want, perhaps they want to get rid of him as soon as possible, or that he is just a nuisance, that he has ruined their lives.

dva milenci

We look for love later. We fall in love with both boys and girls, quietly and repeatedly. It just draws us into them and until that attraction leaves us, we experience a pleasant feeling with them.

And of course, we love ourselves. And that\’s nothing bad. Everyone has to like each other. Otherwise, he will not be normal.

But we do not just love people. There is also love for the motherland, and for other creatures, and for money. It depends on who we are as people and what we do.

srdce ze dřeva

Sometimes our love returns, and then we feel great. But sometimes we fall in love hopelessly with someone or something unattainable, and such love is often quite different. Unfortunately. Because loving someone or something that is unattainable is not exactly a pleasant feeling. But that\’s how love is.

Love accompanies us from birth to death. Sometimes we have a lot of it, sometimes only modest, but we all get a little bit of it from someone and offer it to someone else. And we crave reciprocity. We do not want anyone to let us down in love. ———– A měli bychom si pěát,aby tu s námi vědycky byla. A aby jí bylo na světě počádvíc a víc.

Bez Larsky Totic Nebudemenikdjastny. A tu pravou si nekoupíme zañádnépeníze. Tu si musíme zasloušit.