Young Timers

Do you have an old car in very good condition with not too many miles on it and have feelings about it? Do you regret selling it for a few thousand dollars? Or, like many people, do you believe that a car loses its value the moment it leaves the production line? You may enjoy a slightly different perspective. If you have a car that is 15-29 years old, it is what we call a young timer.

Netradiční využití veteránu

What does that mean? Young timers become old timers after 30 years. What is an old timer? It is none other than a veteran. And vintage cars have great collector value. Young timers in mint condition have great collectible potential. Sports versions and premium brands are the most valuable, but an ordinary car in good condition can also be a vintage car.
Interiér starého veteránu

Look at mediocre old Skoda cars. For example, the 1,000 that a young man bought for 2,000 kronor in the 1990s is now worth an incredible amount of money. People who were so nostalgic that they left it in their garage and sold it at very favorable terms. A typical young timer is, for example, the Skoda 746, which sold very cheaply at the beginning of the century; by the beginning of the decade, the price was virtually zero. Today, however, these cars are gaining in value and will soon attain the status of very valuable vintage cars. [The following brands are also recognized as young timers: BMW, Fiat Uno, Skoda 130, Toyota Corolla, Volkswagen Golf.

Starší Volfswagen

Our advice

If you have space in your tech shop, you can buy and repair a young timer for a few thousand dollars. Choose one that is in good condition, especially since it has the lowest mileage and has been stored in a garage for a long time. If your wife accuses you of having five used cars under the pergola, all costing $20,000, you can explain that these young timers have the potential to really pay off in a few years. But be warned! Not all used cars sell like vintage cars.