Fishing is something that once you get “hooked” you never want to let go

It\’s not hard, at least at first. You put bait on a hook, cast it to the surface of a pond or lake, which can be quite noisy for the amateur, and wait. Once the fish starts jerking, sinking, and tugging at your stick, all you have to do is start running, grab the fish, don\’t let go, and pull it to shore. Then, if the fish is worth it, you hit it over the head with a hammer. Then you lightly season the fish, ideally with lemon over the fire. And that\’s it.
rybář s culíkem.jpg
Of course, many people continue to fish not for the spectacular catches, but to relax first, and the catch second. People relax by the water, forget about the problems of everyday life and their discreet marriages, and just be present by the water. Some people do this and lock themselves away somewhere by the river for days or even weeks. There they fish for dinner or lunch. If it rains, so be it, and they dry up again.

The frivolity of being a fisherman is refreshing


If you have never spent an afternoon like this, you have no idea. For some people, staring at the water and waiting may be tedious. But some people like the quiet. If they are calm, they can cook fish. But mostly, it means that if they don\’t catch anything, they starve. So if you stay secluded on an island in a river or lake, you can play survival island properly.
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Don\’t forget to pack the proper gear!

With the best equipment that money can buy, why should one actually have to sit somewhere with a piece of stick and a line attached? A quick look at the Internet will quickly reveal what is available to make the angler\’s wait for a catch more enjoyable. They include high-quality seat sets, rod holders, and high-quality lures that even catfish can\’t resist. And they are all relatively affordable.