Evening for Cinderella

Even though our lives have changed a lot, it is good to be able to keep some traditions alive as the prom season is of great interest to all generations.7]

We all know that Prague\’s most prestigious balls ( Žofín or Municipal House), but even the less important ball events in smaller towns and provinces have their social and cultural significance and can cheer us up at a slightly sad time of the year.
plesové šaty

There are many such events, including balls organized by fire companies, gardeners, hunters, sailors, municipalities, and the Czech Republic Police (SRPŠ), of which masquerade balls are the most popular.

Preparation is necessary for such events. Fortunately, it is not always necessary to dress your partner in tails and yourself in a long evening gown, as is required for the most famous events.

A ball is a festive social event with live music, dancing, and an accompanying program, usually accompanied by a popular and lavish raffle. Balls have a clear dress code, which is stated on posters and invitations.

Gentlemen are a bit more straightforward: a good tuxedo, polished patent leather shoes, shiny cufflinks, a bow tie adorning a carefully pressed shirt, and a silk handkerchief in the jacket pocket and the prince is ready to go dancing.
žena v šatech

As women, our preparation is a little more rigorous and we enjoy it so much. The perfect dress includes the right jewelry, a romantic hairstyle, and evening makeup. A small handbag and beautiful shoes appropriate for the outfit must be matched, and a good perfume must enhance the impression. Cinderella is ready.

Surrounded by friends, music, food, and drink, the evening passes like water. The raffle and the surprise in the eyes of the lucky winners of the main prizes is definitely a very pleasant moment, especially in the countryside. These prizes, often provided by local organizers, are, for example, a large pile of fertilizer, a shot wild boar, a sack of potatoes, coal, etc.

To make sure everything goes well, you need to get home safely and not get caught up in the statistics regarding alcohol-related accidents while driving. And we must remember that we need to be doubly vigilant and think twice about the motorists we meet on the road in the morning.