Should one member of the family run the household?

The basis of a happy house is undoubtedly that the members of the household act as 1 oiled machine, everyone helps each other and evenly distributes the tasks according to their abilities and abilities. But this model is a fairly new invention. Previously, it was customary for one of the family members to have the main word, but usually a man, he made all the decisions, and the other had to adapt. Even today, after all, in our language there is the concept of “head of the family”.

But it is worth considering whether such things have been really useful in history. After all, it seems that if this system does not bring certain advantages, it will not be possible to last this system for a long time. And the truth is that they were actually here. It\’s not good to ignore them just because the system looks outdated.

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First of all, this is a much smoother operation of households with less friction. If we have that “authoritarian” model, especially if the head of the family is rational and mainly does not really think about himself, then everything is much more on the other hand, we have to admit that many men were basically incompetent in this regard or used their position to exhaust the accumulated aggressiveness, which depends very much on the individual.

But why were they mostly women, not men, when they were doing the main housework, cooking, cleaning, raising children, and many other things? Wouldn\’t it be wise for them to lead it when they usually have a better view of what they need at home?

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Here we return to the issue of money. A man in the majority of cases was the main breadwinner of the family, and it was he who brought home the necessary finances. It also meant that he had ruled them. This also gave them the power to decide how they would be treated.

Of course, women also go to work, so today the situation is different. But old stereotypes remain in many places, even if they can not work in today\’s society. And it\’s definitely not a good thing.