How Introverts Get Through the Party

It is said that roughly 25-40% of people in society are introverts. Since that\’s less than half, we might say that the world is actually an extroverted place. Everything is tailored to extroverts, and extroverted behavior is sort of expected and /mostly/ desired. Society often has such demands not only with regard to work/school, but also with regard to recreation. Free time “should” be spent with someone, preferably in a group, and never alone. Introverts usually choose to relax alone in their free time. However, if for some reason they decide to be social and go to a party (whether they are compelled to do so by circumstances or others, or they go of their own volition to step out of their comfort zone and experience something new), it may not always be completely It may not be easy.
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Introverts are not comfortable meeting new people, having formal chats, or being with people they don\’t know very well. Therefore, it is natural to feel anxious at such times. But if you are an introvert but still want to enjoy the party, don\’t despair. If you are an introvert but still want to enjoy the party, you need not despair.

Go with someone else
For you introverts, if you don\’t know anyone at the party, it may be difficult to just “go along” and start talking to strangers. So you should go to the party with a friend, or better yet, go with a group of friends so you at least have someone you can trust to talk to.
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Don\’t demand too much of yourself
If you are an introvert, it is obvious from the fire that no matter how hard you try, you cannot suddenly act like a pure extrovert at a party. So don\’t beat yourself up if people think you are an antisocial drought at a party. Just going to parties is progress.

Don\’t drink too much alcohol
Of course, alcohol can help you release your inhibitions and become more outgoing, but on the other hand, as you know, it is not healthy at all. It also increases the risk of alcoholism.