Modern Bio Fireplace

Bio fireplaces are modern products that find important uses especially for those who do not have a chimney in their homes but still want to enjoy a great view of a hot fire. Bio fireplaces are also suitable for those who dislike the dust generated by conventional wood stoves. It is also suitable for those who do not want a large, sturdy conventional stove in their room.
One of the great advantages of this fireplace is that its uses are virtually limitless. It can be placed in any room in an apartment, a single-family home, or even an office. The design is up to you, and can mimic modern trends or be more traditional, reminiscent of old, stylish fireplaces.
odpočinek u krbu
Stand-alone bio fireplaces
are the most common type of fireplace. You can store it on a shelf or anywhere else you like. It is up to your imagination. Safe construction is arguably the most important feature. It ensures that there is no risk of burns or fire when using a freestanding bio fireplace.
Wall-mounted fireplaces
At first glance, wall-mounted fireplaces resemble freestanding fireplaces. From its name, one can already infer that it is wall-mounted. It can be thought of as a kind of modern painting alternative, so it is very practical and can be cleaned around without problems.
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Built-in bio fireplace
This type is directly embedded in the wall, so there is no protrusion and only the front is visible. Therefore, it is very practical and tasteful. Except for its function as a fireplace, it looks like an ordinary picture or a small wall lamp. You can enjoy the beautiful view without any extra burden. It is especially suitable for a family common room without a TV. With such a fireplace embedded in the wall, the house or apartment will be taken to a new modern level.