Homework – Scarecrow or helper

Homework scarecrow
Some children are not good at studying. They either do their schoolwork with effort or have more difficulty. Then even writing homework becomes a problem. They have difficulty remembering assignments. It is difficult to solve that. It is difficult to motivate them.
For these children, adult help is very important. It can be a parent or a grandparent. The key is to sit down with the child and patiently help him or her with the task. It is always good to set deadlines. Specific deadlines force both us and the child to work quickly and efficiently. The success of the entire task also lies in determining the steps that will lead us to the goal.
– Determine the homework
– Estimate the complexity of the homework
– Set a time limit
– Schedule the steps of the homework (e.g., dates, writing, math)
– Check them together
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Sometimes even this approach can be futile. The child does not yet know what to do. Work together for an hour or more on a single task. Neither of you can do it anymore. Then I suggest asking the teacher for help and advice. The teacher can set the task and take into account each child\’s individual abilities.
Homework Helpers
Why is homework written? Many parents interpret homework as school assignments that the teacher missed in class. Others see it as a way for teachers to punish their children. The real reason, however, is that “repetition is the mother of wisdom. Thus, even writing and doing homework serves the purpose of reinforcing what has been discussed.
In this way, we help our children become better and wiser. What we repeat is what we remember. Often we remember things from our school days. But it is only what is fixed. That is, things that were well trained or repeated.
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There is also the opportunity to look at textbooks and notes when writing. This way, they can see what is being discussed in school. We can learn what are the current issues in our children\’s education. And finally, assignments help us stay together. Spend time together in productive activities. Getting to know each other\’s children. Finding solutions together. To think and laugh.
Homework helps to:
– reinforce learning
– check school assignments
– keep track of learning
– spend active time together
– find appropriate solutions
– improve communication between parents and children
So, Don\’t be afraid of homework. Homework is a challenge and an opportunity to be with your child.