Learning by Playing Games

Do you think games are a waste of time? Do you think they waste time and money and are the biggest hindrance to healthy physical activity for children? Of course, if you don\’t overdo it, you are right. But at least an hour a day should be spent playing on the computer, especially online games.
dítě a počítačové hry

1) Learning a foreign language

Many online games are in English, and without exception, completely all in English. Some are even translated into English, but if that has any effect, let the kids boil over. Since online games are played by children and adults all over the world, the only universal language has become English, and today everyone can speak at least a little. It\’s a bit like being a pen pal. Children and teenagers are practicing English on their own, unknowingly, and learning words that schools don\’t teach them.

2) Faster reactions and better coordination

Even with headless shooters, this is not just headless fun, but a cooperative activity of precise movement, keen senses, and most importantly, cooperation within a team. Children and youth thus learn at least the basics of teamwork and, most importantly, sharpen their reactions and senses. It is no idle saying that professional athletes react with lightning speed and can often perform more than one task at a time.

3) Relieve TensionEveryone who plays games sometimes gets angry. Some may get so angry that they stop playing the game, but over time they learn that they have to accept losing and learn to function a little better even when things don\’t go well.

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Of course, excessive gaming is not ideal either, and too much of anything can be harmful. But even if a child finds time to play the occasional game, it should not immediately make one\’s hair stand on end. It may be a little more than sitting in front of the TV and blindly switching channels.