How will social class change

Social hierarchies have always been composed of people with similar incomes and economic stability. At the top of the hierarchy are those who can afford to fly in private jets, go on luxury vacations even a few times a year, and wear only the world\’s top designer brands. Then there are those who basically only fly first class, own a few luxury cars, own several companies, and don\’t worry about falling behind on their payments. A little below that are those who own real estate, can afford expensive vacations twice a year to exotic locations, buy a new car every few years, and their kids always have great parties with clowns and magicians. And below them are those who either own small properties that they manage themselves or live in rentals that they manage to pay off every month, often eating good food on the cheap, paying for their kids\’ clubs, and enjoying themselves. A little further down the line are the families who live on handouts, so to speak, spend every penny they have, their children attend cheap or free clubs, and often have to find ways to pay the rent and can only dream of a vacation in a cottage somewhere. Then there are those who rely on benefits, visit food banks regularly, can barely pay for their children\’s school books, and the bills pile up.

bohatý muž

In other words, they can be described as upper class, upper middle class, upper middle class, middle class, lower middle class, lower class, and poverty. 12]

However, everything is about to change as wages are not rising and prices are rising. The upper and upper middle classes will not be affected as much, but the rest of the classes will fall. Those who have not been paying attention to prices will have to start buying at a discount. Those who have already done so will have to cut back on spending. Those who have been cutting back every penny will reach the poverty line, and the poorest will be fed.

Thus several classes will meet, and people may finally find sympathy for those who could not afford more.

chudí muži

Still, there are those who are willing to help, and they may be the ones who need help. Whereas many people have been accustomed to a luxurious lifestyle of hot dinners, cultural events, and regular salon visits, we are about to return to a time when meat was only available once a week if you ate it, vegetables and fruits were only available in season, and holidays were only available to those with the money and connections to afford them. How will this affect society? It will either bring society together or further divide it.