krabička s kytičkami

[19 The decoupage of wooden furniture looks stylish and beautifully adjusts your interior.What is decoupage?
Decoupage, or napkin technology, is basically the transfer of images to furniture using napkin technology. This technique looks best on so-called vintage style furniture or patina furniture. Decoupage completes the style of the village and creates a pleasant home atmosphere. So your house will look cozy and pleasant.
Decoupage looks great when you apply this technique to small furniture, such as various cabinets, coffee tables, or perhaps even small crates or various boxes.
krabička s kytičkami
How to do it?
Decoupage is very simple, just cover the desired area with a dispersion glue, apply a napkin and lightly press to dry.

Exact procedure
For decoupage you can buy special glue or paint, but for fixing it can also be done with the usual balacryl, dispersion glue and colorless varnish. The selected furniture is enough to paint with balacryl or finish the patina in the imagination There are no restrictions. We choose a suitable napkin, cut out the motif we want and carefully separate the lower layer of the napkin. For decoupage, use only the top layer of napkins. Next, carefully apply glue to the bottom and press the selected furniture so that the napkin does not tear. With a brush dipped in glue, smooth the picture. As a final step, spray or paint the object with colorless, preferably matte varnish, so that everything is completely fixed. And we are done.
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You don\’t just need to use this technique on a tree. Decoupage can be used, for example, in a Christmas box, and the recipient can be found under the tree. You can also use unused paper shoebox or other strong paper box. The procedure is the same as when applying decoupage to other surfaces. An original and hand-wrapped gift will certainly make you happier than a box purchased from the store.