Why men are Dishonest

Infidelity is 21 years old. Everywhere for centuries. It is even possible that in a few years it will simply become a completely normal thing that belongs to the relationship. Have you ever wondered why men tend to cheat? As we know, women are also not saints, but men have been scientifically proven to cheat 2 partners much more often than women.Another study shows that 54% of all scammers are satisfied with their relationship. Why is it? Here are a few reasons:

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·Her lover does not know her well. The longer we are in a relationship, the more we know about our partner. We know his flaws and flaws, but we love him. This can also be the reason why a man decides on infidelity. The mistress does not know him very well, she does not know about his shortcomings and problems, and the man can tell her about himself as much as he wants.

·He is bored. Another problem arises when a man does not know what to do with the pinworm. He begins to get tired of experienced stereotypes, which often manifest themselves in life together and in bed. Therefore, they take their mistress as a kind of variegated.

·He will take the opportunity. A new assistant appears at work and constantly looks up to him. She constantly tries to show off in front of him and seduce him. A man is pleased to be admired, it pleases his ego, and he simply takes advantage of the opportunity.
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·That\’s revenge A man quarreled with his wife at home, and in order to avenge her, he can not think of anything better than to fool a woman. Or he simply tricked his partner and to keep the balance of the party, he will do the same.

·Another woman constantly seduces him by showing off in front of him, and his brain simply masks a stronger instinct than at that moment.

·Midlife crisis. The man begins to notice that his years have passed, and he is getting older. He has missed the train, and he has done little in his life. To feel better and prove to himself that he still has it, he often looks for a much younger mistress.

·He considers it normal. Some men consider infidelity to be a perfectly normal thing. Their argument is that everyone does it, so why is he not? But it can also be a man who has been dishonest in the past and can not get rid of this habit.