When a man is a patient

life is not fair and certainly unfair. When a woman is sick, she doesn\’t have much choice. Most illnesses pass, and if she lies down, she goes home to do her chores anyway. We have a fixed program in our minds that nothing hurts and nothing makes us sick.
However, men become patients, heckle and lie, and seek sympathy from those around them. There is advice for dealing with these situations, preventing them, and getting through them with common sense and without arguing.opice v posteli
Speak up. If you\’re not feeling well, you\’re not feeling well. Tell those around you. Mumbling and stammering are not helpful to anyone. Talk to your partner. Tell them what is bothering you and how they can help you. Women are not witches who read your mind.
See a doctor. Most men avoid these institutions. They have a panicked fear of doctors. Taking the pill is humiliating, and often it is too late once the disease is in full swing.
Exercise has miraculous healing powers. Be active outdoors. Walk as much as possible. Keep your body cool. Dress appropriately for outdoor activities.
Dietis a green light. Many men prefer the classic Czech diet. If they eat lighter, they will see the health benefits. They do not eat regularly. Their main meals are in the morning and often later in the evening, and they make up for missed meals during the day by replacing them with other meals.
But be understanding when your partner gets sick and goes to bed. They are like little children. They need warm blankets and cuddles. Understand that the common cold is a serious illness for them. You may shake your head, but it is true. Do not mock them or make light of the situation. The sooner you start treating them, the sooner they will get better. You don\’t want to be left lying on the couch for a long time listening to them complain.
Some tips and advice for dealing with this situation.polévka s knedlíčkem

  • Show understanding
  • Not mocking
  • Treat them like little children and you\’ll get through a few days
  • .

  • Buy them vitamins and supplements
  • .

  • Make them a fruit salad [36].
  • I\’ll make you a cup of tea [38].
  • I\’ll make you some thick chicken soup (homemade) [40].
  • Give him cloth diapers for snoring.