Wedding? Wedding.

Perhaps the biggest nut to crack in terms of dressing is church weddings. If you receive an invitation to a wedding in the tabernacle of the church, and you are a woman, then 2 basic rules apply: covered shoulders, and a skirt at least to the knees. This can be a little uncomfortable in the hot season, but the situation can be easily solved with a scarf or bolero. Therefore, if you need a strapless dress, you can easily put a pashmina or sweater on your shoulders during the ceremony. You will probably appreciate it yourself, it\’s cold in the church. Avoid conspicuous patterns, cuts and transparent materials. From a practical point of view, leaving even high heels in the house, the church floor is not the most straight, and on the feet belong black or body stockings. For a gentleman in this case, a dark suit with a bright shirt is suitable, and, like its female counterpart, it is necessary to avoid noticeable colors and patterns.
obřad na pobřeží

Town Hall
A wedding at the town hall is more relaxed in terms of social customs than a ceremony in the church, but here too there are certain rules. Gentlemen need to stick to the suit, but in this case, especially in the summer months, its bright variant is also acceptable. Also, the shirt can be soft pastel colors, but still patterns and wild colors are taboo. Women still need to stick to the length to the knee, but unlike church rituals, exposed shoulders are socially acceptable. You can also afford bright colors and small patterns, but be careful that the outfit does not look very informal. After all, you did not run out of office or garden parties for your wedding. But you can choose more expressive jewelry and accessories.
červené tenisky

Many couples do not want to burden their guests with too many demands on their appearance, and the wedding style relaxed, but this does not mean that you can appear in it with washed T-shirts and torn jeans. In this case, business casual is appropriate. Therefore, for women, light summer dresses and trouser suits, for mennon-denimpants and long-sleeved shirts. Then the foot will include shoes with a low heel.