Web analytics and its tools

According to the Digital Analytict Association\’s official definitionweb analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of web data to understand and optimize web usage.This definition is very apt and provides a simple and comprehensive description of what this analysis actually addresses.
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To obtain the final result, web analytics uses two types of data:
quantitative datawhich is the so-called“clickstream data”. Here, we measure where users clicked while browsing the Internet, which pages of the site they viewed, user activity when viewing email newsletters, order completion and non-completion rates, and other data.

Qualitative dataanswer the question “Why did this actually happen?”This data is collected from respondents through various surveys.
Paid tools such as Above SiteCatalyst and Webtrends can also be used . In the Czech Republic, the most common web analytics toolis Google Analytics, which is available for free; Google Analytics is a great tool for marketing and targeted advertising. Google Analytics
uses the census method and works by measuring code placed on the page by the web operator.

This measurement can be used, for example,
– which pages visitors viewed
– how many pages they viewed in total
– how many one-time visits were made
– which pages users visited repeatedly
– how long visitors spent on the site
– other interesting data
google analytics
This data is stored on Google\’s servers and can be read immediately using the Google Analytics interface. As a result, we can get an overall picture of what is happening on our website, what the traffic is like, and how users are behaving. The data evaluated can also be accessed via our mobile app.