Unpleasant Insects Invading the Home

Insects are something no one wants in their home. But sometimes, despite our best efforts to keep our homes tidy, insects get in and start making our lives miserable. How do we deal with them?


Ants are very hard workers and usually don\’t bother us outside. But as soon as they get indoors and we start observing them in different places, from the kitchen to the living room and even the bedroom, they quickly become enemy number one. Even ordinary black ants can bite us, and if they get inside our clothes, it\’s not a good thing. But how do we get rid of them? You can buy ant repellents at the store. A spray or powder of poison will kill the nasty ants. But where should I put it? Preferably where the ants come out. If you don\’t know where that is and you see little worker ants all over your house, setting a trap is ideal. Put a plate of something very sweet and place it where the ant swarms are. Then wait. When the ants find the treat, they will begin to form a line or path, leading you to where they will be hunting. Perhaps a crack in a wall or baseboard. Pour poison there to stop them from entering, and the problem is solved.

mravenci na dlani


I have a small but very annoying fly in my house that constantly flies around my face. These flies breed quickly and most often breed on leftovers or forgotten food and then fly throughout the apartment. So the first step in pest control is to get rid of all scraps of food in the house, especially fruits and sweets. Unwashed dishes and even ripe apples should not be left around. Octomir will die off after a while, but if you want to speed up the process, try using a piece of food foil with a few small holes in it instead of a lid, and place it in a jar-type trap filled with sweet or vinegar. You can vacuum it up, but since it is not a Pokémon, you won\’t be able to get all of it out.

mol z blízka

Edible moths

These winged insects are not exactly welcome household visitors either. They usually appear in the kitchen, preferably in cupboards where food is stored. Larvae can be found in flour packets or after pouring milk on your favorite cereal. Where did they come from? It is possible that they were brought in unnoticed on food packaged in Spanish. Of course, there is sticky paper, like flypaper. But the key is to throw away any food that has been infiltrated and store all food in resealable plastic containers for the next time.