Tips for Playing with Dwarf Rabbits


Before you begin, create a suitable space in the room for your rabbit and for you. This means making the floor easy to clean. If poop gets on the carpet, you are in trouble. If you do not have linoleum or other floor coverings, place old newspapers on the floor. If there is linoleum, place newspaper in the four corners. Next, separate the area where you will release the pet. Create a “wall” using a large cardboard box, a sitting bag, a map book of the world, or anything else large enough that the rabbit cannot jump over.
zakrslý králíček

Next, place rolls of toilet paper and small and large paper boxes of tissues, wafers, etc. around the designated area.Next, hide treats in the boxes or place carrots on top of the boxes. Dwarf rabbits get thirsty after running and frolicking, so place water somewhere in the corner. Then place old paper or hay from the cage or rabbit hutch on top of it, and the next year they will smell the familiar smell.

králíci na louce

Before putting your pet in the cage you made, prepare spare newspapers and an old dustpan with a broom for sweeping up poop in case your pet makes a puddle somewhere. Keep them ready. They may not like it at first, but they will get used to it and start exploring their surroundings. A playful child will start climbing on top of the box where he finds the treasured carrots. If he likes that, he will start looking for more treats. And he will start pecking at whatever you put there and running from side to side. Then, as is the habit of small animals, when they get tired, they will throw themselves on the ground to rest. But soon they will get up again and continue playing.

Tips for Outside Rabbits

One more little tip if you have rabbits outside and cannot keep them inside. Buy a floor ball and put milk and straw or hay in the holes. This is a perfect toy for the rabbit because it can feed out of the hole and chew on the ball.