The best cooks are hungry and… He who searches for…

When Klara was studying at the Faculty of Education, she often recalled the saying, “Hunger is the best cook.”The best cook is the one who is hungry. On Fridays at the end of the week, when she regularly returned home from Usti, she had no money left. The relatively little money she received from her parents was not enough to get by. On Fridays, the crown would melt away in no time. So she always vowed to plan what she would buy so that it would never happen again.

žena na ulici

Then one Friday afternoon came again. She was looking forward to going home like a little girl; after an hour of swimming, she was a little hungry and her purse was empty. She could not go out to buy something to eat. Behind the glass window of a small store near the station, a doughnut with strawberry jam was smiling at her. But alas. She had to give up her taste buds.


It occurred to her then that she still had about an hour before the train was to leave. So she put her head down and started looking. What if I find the money? How many times had she seen it among the cobblestones and on the asphalt streets? So why, only today, when she was hungry…? She was sure she would succeed. After all,he who seeksfinds After ten minutes of intently looking at the sidewalks and streets, she suddenly found a few crowns and was able to buy a doughnut!

Only those who have ever been truly hungry can imagine with what enthusiasm she took a bite. She was so hungry that her stomach rumbled. The donut was delicious! The strawberry filling melted on her tongue and Clara suddenly found herself in another world. The strawberries danced before her eyes as if she were a magical dancer. Even as she sat in the carriage compartment, she kept having that beautiful dream. And at home? She looked forward to her grandmother\’s strudel covered in icing sugar and hot tea with honey and lemon. Hunger really is the best cook.