The 10 Best Recent Robotics Models

The absolute hit in the field of robotics has been autonomous vehicles for quite some time . Developments in this field are constantly moving forward, and developers are constantly faced with new challenges, which can include ice and snow. While the majority of people would never imagine putting themselves in the hands of a robotic car, test drives are already being conducted on a daily basis across the ocean. The creators see the future of such vehicles primarily in cab services and public transportation.
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My Special Aflac Duckis the perfect robot developed for children fighting cancer. The duck is the robot\’s friend, and the children take care of the duck and its chemotherapy. The ducks need to be fed, bathed, and treated.
Aeolus Roboticsis a company that develops very useful robots that are useful in the home. We are all waiting for the time when we can avail ourselves of the services of a robot designed for complete household cleaning. This robot should be able to fetch beer, mop the floors, and move furniture. This is a big challenge at this point because many people will be using this robot and it will be a gold mine for the company concerned.
Foldimateis another very useful device that folds laundry. This robot can fold different types of laundry, from children\’s sizes (T-shirts, pants, towels, but not underwear) to XXL. It takes about 4 minutes to fold 20 to 40 sheets. These models are already on the market, but this new model should be available in 2019 and sell for less than $1,000.
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Robomart – a vending robot. Attempts to build such a mobile supermarket on wheels and a vending machine that operates on order are already underway in our country. This project is very futuristic: a small grocery store comes to you. It is autonomous, can be refilled with supplies, and moves completely independently.