Pool Accessories

A pool may seem like a hole that can be filled with water and ready to use, but it is not that simple. Therefore, in order to jump into a pool with little or no risk, several important steps must be taken. The first of these is the pool.
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cleaning .

1.Vacuum – Every pool owner must be looking forward to the start of the season, but it comes with one major inconvenience. Before filling the pool with water, the pool must first be properly cleaned. The walls and floor must be free of deposits that could become a breeding ground for a variety of unwanted bacteria in the future. Cleaning can be done with a regular vacuum cleaner, but if you want to save yourself the trouble, buy a special vacuum cleaner instead. This is especially useful if the pool is large.

2.Chlorine tablets – You do not want to clean your pool like this. To get clean water, you need to get a little more creative, like using chlorine tablets or powder. These are products that act as disinfectants. Chlorine can remove all exotic algae and blue-green algae, and of course, it works as a preventative measure. If you are not comfortable with chlorine, there are other products and methods that act as disinfectants. For example, regular sea salt. Of course, it must be combined with a solu-tion unit to have any significant effect.

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pH balance products– You may be one of those people who cringe at terms like hard water because you know it from silly commercials, but if you have a pool and leave hard water in it too long, you will lose your smile in no time I can assure you. Water that is too alkaline or acidic will stain your pool badly. At the very least, it can corrode the metal parts of the pool. Therefore, the pH value should always be measured. If the pH value is off, a special product should be used that can quickly bring it back to normal.