New System of Top League

The competition for the best of the best in soccer is in full swing. You may not be one of the most passionate soccer fans, but you still watch a game here and there and occasionally look at the table. If you are, you have probably noticed that the league system and standings are different from previous years. In fact, this year the management of the Football Association has introduced a revolutionary reform. This will not only make the league more attractive for teams in the middle of the standings, but will also mean a few more games for spectators.

fotbalové hřiště

How it will work in practice

There are still 16 teams in the league. They have 3 points, 1 draw, and no losses. The total number of points won determines the standings. So far, nothing has changed. However, after the so-called basic phase, i.e., after all matches have been played in a two-round system, the standings are divided into three. The top six teams with the most points will play for the title and promotion to the Champions League. Then the teams ranked 7th through 10th will play for the Europa League preliminary qualifying round. The last six teams then play for redemption. The points for the playoffs are as follows.
fotbalová brána

Top 6 teams

These teams play for the title. The top two teams qualify for the Champions League; the third- and fourth-place teams get a chance to play in the Europa League. The fifth- and sixth-placed teams then play for the same chance as the seventh- and eighth-placed teams overall.

7th to 10th

The top two teams from this group will fight for the best position as they will have the chance to play a barrage of games for the European Cup.
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11th to 16th

The last team is directly relegated. The last and 14th place teams will await their barrage of opponents, consisting of the second and third place teams in the second league. Theoretically, the last three teams could leave the league and the second three teams could advance.

This format gives the league a new strength. In previous seasons they did not have to fight, but now they have new motivation.