Modern Ways to Watch Fish

Few hobbies are as ingrained in the Czech people as fishing. There are still more than enough anglers in our country, although fewer of them like to lurk quietly by dams, lakes, ponds, and rivers. What has declined the most are those who fish in our waterways. Not only are the rivers not as clean as they once were, but the number of fish in them is also decreasing. For this reason, special nanotechnologies are now being introduced to monitor the number of fish in the rivers and their migrations.
koi ryby

An easier task

Until recently, tracking the migration of individual species of sculpin was very difficult and in many cases even impossible. This has changed, however, with the advent of modern technology, which is at a much higher level than what was previously available. Thanks to these technologies, fish can be monitored almost continuously and without the slightest problem. For this purpose, various types of electronic micro-transmitters are now mainly used, which can be very easily affixed to the fish\’s body using a small needle. This is a humane method, since the fish themselves do not feel anything, and moreover, it does not interfere in any way with the behavior of individual fish stocks.
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From the United States
It is well known that this type of technology not only originated in the United States, but was first used on a large scale. The main reason for this was that the salmon population was on the decline, a problem that was troubling many environmentalists. Modern technology has made it easier to track salmon migration routes and thus determine what is behind the population decline. The same tracking methods, on a much smaller scale of course, could now be used in Czech rivers. After all, American rivers not only have much wider channels, they are also many times longer. Nevertheless, in our region, the ultra-compact transmitters
have been very useful, especially for ecologists [19].