Modern Lighting

Believe it or not, many homes and businesses still use standard filament bulbs on a daily basis. Thanks to European Union regulations, they have not been sold for several years, but many people still buy them. These were extremely inexpensive light sources that usually cost around 20 crowns. However, this overstocking was certainly not very rational. Wise people know that this type of light bulb was always more than affordable, but at the same time very demanding in terms of power consumption.
malé žárovičky
Furthermore, their lifespan is not very glorious either. The life of a filament light source is estimated to be about 1000 hours, which is a very modest figure considering that the life of a much more modern LED bulb is about 30,000 hours.
However, the biggest reason why LED bulbs are much more efficient than other light sources, especially older ones, is frugality. This is because older filament bulbs and other inferior types of bulbs convert electricity into heat energy, whereas this type of technology uses most of the electricity to generate heat. Those who wanted to switch from one bulb to another had to keep the lights off for at least five minutes or risk burns. This effect was also responsible for the shortened lifespan.
žárovka u zástrčky
The only downside to the beauty of LED bulbsis that they are too expensive. With prices in the hundreds of crowns (tens of thousands of yen), trying to equip every room in your home with LED bulbs is a significant additional expense. However, for the higher price, you really do get a high-quality light source that lasts an incredibly long time and can help significantly improve your family\’s finances. The high initial cost should be considered an investment that will pay for itself within a year at the latest.