Love by sign


This energetic sign must always have the last word, like to argue, be aggressive, and therefore he needs someone who understands him like other Aries, or, conversely, a Libra who calms him down. If she and Leo sometimes retreat and do not always get the upper hand, then this relationship can have a future. You can also try the shooter.
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Romantic signs love beautiful things and place emphasis on the foundation. He will understand the Virgin, which he has a lot in common. But it can also work with cancer, just note stubbornness. Romance also likes Pisces signs, in which you can complement each other.


Gemini has 2 faces – it can love, but also betray. But if he is confident in his partner, he can be very loving. He is attracted to Sagittarius, the opposite sign, but somehow inspires him and makes him see his real face. Suitable signs are also Aquarius and Libra, somewhat similar to them.


In a very sensitive sign, Pisces, which is a sign of aquatic character, crayfish is adapted. But they also sit with Capricorn, and they support each other. It is not recommended to start with Scorpio.
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needs praise and feels powerful Aquarius can correct. Ideal is also the scale that flatters and makes the lion\’s ego better. In Sagittarius, he will definitely not get bored, in addition, these 2 do not limit themselves and allow themselves some freedom.


Virgo has a desire for perfection and is in love at first sight, Scorpio is the right partner she can express her feelings and the fateful love for her could be Capricorn and she will get along with her. It complements the sign of Pisces, which does not need to sit on the first good.


He is able to share an intellectual base with Aquarius, never gets bored with Sagittarius, is attracted to Aries and has common interests with Gemini.


This sign, full of passion and energy, seeks to reach understanding and to correspond to that sign. Watch out for quarrels that can be quite sharp. Passionate relationships will find with the birth of Taurus, sometimes they will have to retreat to be able to agree. If cancer can prevail, there is a good future here.


The signs of wanting freedom always get along with Gemini, who surprise them with their moods, and note the frequent Gemini analysis. It could also work with ram, which gives them the necessary security and peace of mind. He will also get along with the lion, who, however, will have to endure Sagittarius jokes that can offend. Sagittarius loves humor and sometimes does not realize that it can beat someone.


It will suit him with cancer and Scorpio who is faithful to him Capricorn expects. The right partner is also Aquarius, in which he experiences unexpected things, and beware of jealous scenes.


They can share intelligence with Libra, enjoy Gemini, have a free-filled relationship with another Aquarius and discover eternal love in Aries.


These gentle signs full of understanding find an ally to the water signs of cancer, which are also based on emotion. He also attracts not only Virgo, but also Taurus, where they ride the same wave.