Is it still love?

Many of us believe that love is a relationship between two people who are together every day, hold hands, experience the good and the bad together, and firmly believe that they can overcome anything together. Couples who are accompanied by love communicate daily, talk about their experiences, dreams, and desires, and, to their surprise, fall asleep together next to each other. At best, they intertwine on the same futon. There is nothing better than kissing goodnight, resting your head on your husband\’s shoulder, and falling asleep together. Sleeping together, waking together.
on a ona se drží za ruce
Enough romance. Even though we wake up together, we each go to work at different times in the morning because we work different jobs and at different times. But we do basic things every day. We never part without saying goodbye, kissing, and saying “good-bye” to each other. At least, I usually get one of those done. And we look forward to seeing each other again. Of course, we each have our own hobbies, interests, and free time. Love is trust, and also freedom in the sense that we don\’t insist on spending all of our free time together. We understand that our partners have the right to enjoy free time with their friends. Men need not only the feminine energy that comes from relationships with women, but also the masculine energy, which cannot be obtained except through relationships with friends. Both women and men need friends and their encounters in order to survive. And what about love? The latter gives romantic relationships the right to enjoy free time with friends, but it also draws us back to our partners.
milenci si vyznávají lásku
Today, however, separated marriages are a hit, and many spouses are not happy with them. They each live alone in their own apartments, visit each other on promised dates, go to the movies together, attend social events, but go home alone again. They have peace of mind and do not have to adjust to each other. At home, the women do not fidget when the toilet seat is up, and the men are content to calmly look around at the various things that have been put away throughout the flat.
The question arises. Is this still love?