How does the Vietnamese community look like in the markets of Brno?

The Vietnamese community is one of the most widespread minorities in the Czech Republic. In the cafeterias, clothing stores, shoe stores, and grocery stores, you will be served by small smiling gentlemen of different ethnicities. The Vietnamese are very industrious and most of them run their own businesses. Most of them live in small towns and have their own stores, but some have stores in larger markets. [One of them is in Prague, called Sapa, and is the largest Vietnamese market in the Czech Republic. The other is on Olomoucar Street in Brno, and we go there too. My family runs a store there, so we go there to buy.vietnamské děvče.jpg
What do you think of the appearance and atmosphere?
It is a complex with a big warehouse in the middle. It is basically like a makro, but there is not a single store with only one cash register. Each one deals with a different assortment of goods. Some stores sell clothes, some sell household items. There is even a Tamuda Asian food section. Stepping into this complex for the first time, you feel like you are in a different world. There are many different people here with their own cultures, so one must keep that in mind when visiting.
Most merchants will only sell you goods with a transaction certificate if you are buying more than one item. Very few will sell you individual items. Therefore, you should always ask before looking around.ovocný stánek.jpg
What are Vietnamese people like? 16]

I have no personal problems with them. They are friendly, smiley, and are willing to sacrifice a lot for your business. I appreciate that they are learning Czech. They explain things to me in a way that I can understand. The younger generation has already attended local schools and Czech is their first language. In general, they depend a lot on their families. Many times I see small children running around the store; they are with their children almost every day. They have been helping and learning to sell since they were little. So many of them don\’t have time for their friends or their own activities.
You can buy a lot of things at these markets at very low prices, and I highly recommend a visit.