Do you know what these foreign language terms mean for refrigerators and freezers?

Special eco-functions
This applies to the operation of the refrigerator if it is set in this mode to the optimal cooling temperature depending on the minimum power consumption.
lednice v supermarketu
What is Super Cool?
This means that by pressing this button, food that needs to be cooled as quickly as possible can be placed inside the refrigerator. A typical example is the larger summer purchase you take by car, getting stuck in a traffic jam on the way and 1 hour passes before you get home.
When the refrigerator returns to normal mode, the supercooling will automatically stop.
No total frost
This is a sophisticated system that prevents frost and ice formation in the freezer compartment. It is designed in such a way that a constant flow of air is maintained by special vents located on the back wall of the refrigerator. Surely you know well what ice in the freezer can do, complete frost prevents food from sticking and keeps it in better condition, and the defrosting refrigerator is also a constant temperature, so you do not have to worry about which focus to put vegetables, and where is the cheese. Excess moisture and frost will also leave the refrigerator, and the food will be kept fresh for longer.
This is the refrigerator mode when you go on vacation, and the freezer works for a week or even a long time, but at the same time the refrigerator is disconnected from the standard mode. You can leave it empty, but it will be only 12 degrees in a closed refrigerator, and unnecessary bacteria will not multiply inside. Keep the refrigerator door closed. This feature minimizes electricity consumption and at the same time ensures that after returning from vacation, unpleasant surprises will not fly out of the refrigerator.
What does super hygiene mean?
This is a special film on the inner walls of the refrigerator that prevents the growth of unwanted bacteria. Thus, the food inside is kept harmless for a long time.
plastové jablko
An extension called ICE3
is used to form ice cubes, with holes in the inner door of the freezer, or in some drawers. The box has a certain shape that is easy to handle, does not drip water and, above all, does not produce ice near the stored food.