Children and Society

Do you like to go out or are you always at home? I ask because I know a lot of people who are really different. And you must be wondering what is so strange about people\’s lives being so different. But I don\’t mean that in a bad way. It\’s just that different people live different lives, and that\’s okay. No two people are the same, and no one is perfect. In fact, some types of society are not tolerated by other societies. For example, companies that cause really big disruptions and noise.

Mám ráda prima společnost.

I\’m sure you have all come across the opinion that “I don\’t like that company” or “that company is no good”. I have in mind, for example, some drug societies, or societies that rob and steal, for example. I am sure you will agree with me on that. We all know that such societies are not appropriate. Nor is it very acceptable.

I děti mají kamarády.

That is why every family must be happy if their child gets involved in great parties and great company. I must say that as a child I was very lucky to have the perfect children\’s company. As adults, we still love to get together. We were all polite and nice, and we still get along. I don\’t think one should always be alone, and I think one should always be social. Of course, he must find companions who suit him and share the same interests and opinions. It may not be 100% true that people should always share only the same views, but I think the same world view should prevail. If we have different views, we can\’t all get along. I think there are rules for everything. And the rules of society are quite challenging.