Beads – Fun for everyone

Beads are fun for everyone. And it does not matter whether you decide for earrings, bracelets or decorations for the apartment. All you have to do is have a desire to make something, a little patience and a little material. If you decide to start, it is better to consult a specialist, go to a specialized store, where he will advise you about the materials and tools that are good to start with. These include:
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· Of courseBeads– there is a plethora, and it\’s up to you what kind suits you – small, large, square, elongated, plastic, glass, or natural.  To get started, it is recommended to find various tutorials and follow them when it comes to beads, familiarize yourself with the materials and learn the basic techniques and stitching.
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· Yarn, wire, or wire– as important as the beads themselves, is the material from which the beads are strung. You can string anything, but if you want the product to last longer, it is better to get a high-quality wire or thread – it is not expensive, and the investment will definitely pay off. Choose the thread and wire according to the instructions or in what type you will work with. When you decide to string with non-traditional materials, keep in mind only one thing – it should be strong enough, elastic and flexible, it should not be broken or frayed.
*Components– This is actually all the remaining materials needed to make jewelry and products. These includeconnecting rings, small rings made of surgical steel or other materials, from which, for example, chains are formed or various fasteners are applied to them, and thenfasteners.This probably does not need to be explained. There are a lot of types, such as classical ones, for example, magnetic ones. If you decide to create earrings, you will needafroháčkyor so-called.Stone, it is an earring fastener that you can not do without if you do not want to make your own. Rivets and needles– a small piece of wire that looks like a pin and has a flat or pin head at the end. They are almost indispensable and can be assigned something, for example, on the connecting ring.
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· Tools– Anything you can use to “help” to make a product. Pliers– Split or kettering rings are suitable for using wire or connecting rings. In most cases, you can not do without them.Needle– If you decide to try different stitches, the needle will be an indispensable assistant for you. Always choose a needle depending on the size of the eyelet – it should go through each bead you sew. Other tools you may need includebeading pads.
I hope beads will be a fun hobby for you and you will have patience with each bead.