Basic Training

You know. You want a friend for your apartment or yard, so you get a puppy. Choosing the right breed is also important, but that\’s a topic for another time. Everyone has different requirements for dog training, but there are some basic commands and tricks that everyone should know. And learning them is not difficult at all. All you need is patience and lots of treats.
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To me
The basic command that every dog should be able to do is the command me. It is a very important command on off-leash walks so that your dog can stay where he wants to be without running away. It is best practiced in the yard or in a place where the dog will not run away. In theory, on a long lead. Ideally, when you give the command, the dog should run and sit in front of you. Stand so the dog can see you, and when he obeys the command, reward him with treats and lots of praise.

A very simple and necessary command. It can be taught by placing your palms outstretched over the dog\’s head and commanding him to do it. The dog will automatically sit. Over time, the dog will be able to follow the command without the outstretched hand. It is important to understand exactly what movements the dog will associate with the command.

Get down
The simplest command. When the dog sits, guide him with a treat and praise him. 22]
If you don\’t want the dog to chew on a corner of a piece of furniture, for example, you must explain to him. Yelling and hitting will only scare your dog away from you. If you see your dog chewing something, tell him that he is not allowed to chew until you stop him, and reward him with proper praise.
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Put the dog down and move away from him with the command stay. First, move away a little and when the dog stays, return to the dog and reward him. Increase the distance according to the dog\’s ability. At the end of the command, say “leave” so that the dog knows that it is okay to move now.
There are many other exercises you can teach your dog. For example, ask, pack, barrel, and various turns. These are designed for the dog\’s enjoyment and mental training.